Friday, June 17, 2011

Walking on the Sun

Far be it for me to say what people should do with their bodies, seeing as how I'm semi-content with turning my body into what science will one day classify only as: How NOT to Live. BUT...I can't help but be fascinated by the drug scene here in Vegas. Anytime I dare to venture out of my apartment, the streets are filled with crazy toothless weirdoes wandering the hot city streets looking for spare change or tossed-away cigarettes...or crack, I guess? Las Vegas in the summertime is like a third-world country, only with more slot machines and no Chick-Fil-A's. (seriously, wtf Chick-Fil-A?)

Anywho, the other day I had to go do a blood test for a Dr's appointment I have coming up. On the drive home, I see this dude walking down the street with NO SHOES ON! It was like a thousand degrees outside, so I mean, I don't even see how this was humanly possible without your feet literally exploding and/or melting into the ground. The only thing I could think was that maybe crystal-meth has some unknown foot-cooling ingredient that the meth-heads of the world haven't told the rest of us about so that we can act all impressed and mystified when they do amazing feats with thier...feets.

Then I thought...oh, maybe he's a diabetic. Like me! Maybe he can't even feel his feet at all because of all the nerve damage due to eating cupcakes and Slurpees all day, every day. Then I kinda felt bad for judging him. I wondered if maybe one day that would be me...or if I would even live long enough to have that kinda neuropathy. That's a pretty fucked up thought to have at 33 years old: "Hmm, I wonder if my heart will last long enough for diabetes to kill me?" Aim high!

Needless to say, time for some changes. Guess I'm dieting now...

Oh, and if it's worth anything, Shoeless Joe ended up yelling out the word: FREEEEEEEE and then running down the street in the opposite direction. Totally meth. Guilt be gone.

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Dina said...

I read about that neuropathy shit. Sometimes when I lay on my side, the other side goes numb due to fatness. I'd die without my feet. NC used to be so hot the asphalt would stick to my bare feet. And I wasn't on meth, I just like to be barefoot cause I'm a hippie and shit.